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Thank you for your interest in Switchamajig. We are no longer conducting business, and the Switchamajig app will not run on iOS 11 and above and will no longer be available for download from October, 2017.

We have made available the Switchamajig app and Switchamajig driver as open-source code.

If you have a motor impairment, we can help you use an iPadĀ® to take control of

Your TV.

Your lights.

Your appliances.

Your life.


The App Is The Switch


Touch a button in our app and the Switchamajig IR sends out a command to change the channel on the TV, choose a movie on your cable box, or send instructions to an environmental control system. Support for thousands of devices is built-in, and you can learn new commands to control anything that comes with an IR remote.


Your App Your Way


You are unique, so our app adapts to your needs. Change things around so you can control your world easily. Change the buttons' size, color, and position. Add images or icons. Spread them out over several screens. Record audio for each button. Use switch scanning if you prefer. It's all up to you.


Inexpensive Independence


Systems like this can cost thousands. But we're leveraging consumer products like the iPad to deliver superior value. In many cases, you can buy a complete solution from us for less than the copay on a less capable system!


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