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About Us


Like many people, our passion for helping people with disabilities started with a difficult conversation with a doctor. Jackson, we were told while still in the hospital, would almost certainly have cerebral palsy.


That was in 2008. As Jackson grows, we're always looking for ways we can encourage him to be more indpendent. We got him an iPadĀ® to help him communicate. We adapted toys to help him play. And then one day we realized that the iPad was a better switch than the ones were were using. A few weeks later we had a prototype of the Switchamajig Controller.


The Switchamajig Controller opened up a new class of toys for children like Jackson. They could play with remote-controlled cars, boats, even fish! But we also wanted Jackson to have control over the lights, the TV, and anything else we could make work. The Switchamajig IR was our answer. Jackson loves turning on the lights every morning, and jumping from scene to scene in a DVD.


Now our products help adults and children alike, but we still have a strong attachment to playtime.


We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us an email with any questions you have about our products, assistive technology, adapting toys, or anything else.


Privacy Policy


It's sad that so many companies act like paparazzi and treat your personal information as something they can sell. We don't do that. Our business is about helping people with disabilities, not selling personal information. We do not share personal information with anyone, and we use responsible third parties to hold it.


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