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Care and Feeding of Your Switchamajig Controller


You can download our Quick-Start guide if you need it.


If all goes well, you should be Switchamajigging in no time. All you have to do is:

1.     Wake up your Switchamajig Controller. Press the button on the top to wake it up. It’s also helpful to put the batteries in correctly. The light will turn red to let you know it’s on, or orange if it is also connected to a WiFi network.

2.     Start the Switchamajig app. It will search for Switchamajig Controllers and show you a list of names to choose from.  The name of each controller is Switchamajig_##### where the pound signs are the last five digits of the serial number. Touch the controller’s name to connect to it.

3.     Touch one of the switch panels. Each button shows a preview of the panel layout.

4.     Use the cables that come with your Switchamajig to connect from the numbered ports to your toy.

5.     Have fun! Press the buttons on the switch panel to activate the toy. You can play with toys that have up to eight switches.


That’s it if all goes well. And it will all go well once you get the hang of it. But remember, both the iPad and the Switchamajig, under all the packaging, are computers. And getting computers set up to talk to each other is one of the great banes of our modern world. Fortunately the iPad has a fantastic user interface, and we’ve worked hard to make the Switchamajig easy to set up. The only tricky part is getting the Switchamajig and the iPad on the same network.

Option 1: Use the Switchamajig network

You should do this when you first get your Switchamajig. It’s the one option that’s guaranteed to work. All you do is:

1.     Make sure the Switchamajig light is red. Red means it’s on, but not connected to a network. That means it’s started its own little network called – what else – Switchamajig.

2.     Open your iPad settings. Select Wi-Fi. Under “Choose a Network” you’ll see an option for Switchamajig. Choose Switchamajig.

3.     Start the Switchamajig app, and you’re ready to go.


This option will get you going, but when you chose to join the Switchamajig network, you also chose to drop your main WiFi connection. Maybe this won’t bother you; you can go back and forth whenever you like. But eventually you’ll want to have your Switchamajig Controller on your home WiFi network so you can Switchamajig whenever you want without fiddling with your iPad settings.


To do that, we need to tell the Switchamajig about your home WiFi. It needs to know the network name and the pass phrase used for security.


Option 2: WPS

You may think that you can’t tell the Switchamajig the name and pass phrase with one button. But if your WiFi router supports WPS, you can! Look at your WiFi router for a button marked “WPS”. Find one? Good. Press it, and hold down the Switchamajig button for at least five seconds (count to 10 to be sure.) Now look at the light on the Switchamajig. It should be blinking yellow and then turn solid yellow when it joins the network.


Option 3: Configure the networking

Starting with version 1.01 of the Switchamajig app, you can configure the networking on the Switchamajig Controller. The configuration screen (available only with iOS 5.0 or above) allows you to set the network name, password, and channel number. Once you set the networking, the Switchamajig will attempt to connect with the new settings. If it succeeds (its light will turn yellow) you'll need to go back to Settings and tell your iPad to join the new network to keep talking with it. If the Switchamajig fails to join the network, it will again set up the Switchamajig network.


Option 4: Ask us for help

When all else fails, please use the form to contact us and we'll help you get started.