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Assistive technology is supposed to be easy to use, and we're proud of all we've done to make our products easy to set up and fun to use.


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You can visit the Switchamajig IR support page or the Controller support page for product specific issues, but here are a few questions we hear a lot:


Q: Does Switchamajig support the Nintendo Wii?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: While the Wii feels like an IR remote, its control signals are actually Bluetooth. A few people have tried to hack into the Wii control signals, but we don't think it's possible to do that with an iPad. If you find a way, though, please let us know!


Q: Does the Switchamajig need a WiFi network?

A: The Controller works better if you have your own WiFi network, and the IR requires a WiFi network to work.


Q: If I buy a Switchamajig Controller, can I use it with toys I bought elsewhere?

A: As long as your toy is switch-adapted, it should work perfectly with the Controller. Everyone we know adapts toys with 3.5mm phone plugs like the ones we ship with the Controller.